About us

What is the Design Club?

The Design club has emerged as an alternative for those who want to learn a new creative profession. Our goal is to present learning content about design theories and how to use in practice the most widespread professional editing applications on the market.

Here you will find several articles, tips and tutorials that will help you on your way to become a creative professional, besides understanding and using in a very easy and intuitive way the tools that these professionals use in their daily lives.

The easiest way to learn all this is by practicing! And here at the Design Club you will learn every day a new procedure, a new tool, a new concept. All this will be added to theories and applications, elevating your experience and giving you resources to proceed with solid foundations in your career, or if you are a beginner, to enter a technical course or higher level, if you wish, and become a qualified creative professional.

To whom is our content for?

All our material is made for those who want to learn design, either to pursue a career as a professional, or for those who would just like to develop a new skill.

The focus is on beginners, design students, amateurs or professionals. Our goal is to better prepare the creative market, meeting the needs of the less informed, with tips, tutorials, advice and relevant content to be introduced or improved in the profession.

In this way, the Design Club aims to improve the bases of the profession in the national market, helping to strengthen its importance, enabling people to better position themselves, both in studies and in the professional market.

The Design Club defends that the profession should be exercised by trained people. Therefore, we offer important guidelines so that one day you can become a good professional.