September 23, 2020

Draw every day in 3 simple steps

By Anthony

For some creatives drawing is something difficult to do with certain frequency. And then comes the most varied excuses like lack of time, lack of interest, laziness and many others.

Something important that you should understand is that to improve your drawing skills you need to practice, and this practice should be constant, preferably every day.

That is why today I will share with you a small plan that consists of three simple steps that will help you overcome the main obstacles that prevent you from practicing drawing, and so you will be able to produce daily. Check it out.

1- Put an alarm on your phone

Determine a time in your day when you will stop everything you are doing and will draw for a certain time. Then create an alarm on your phone so you can remember that time and then start to practice drawing.

Choose a schedule that is good for you and that is usually free, many times we end up wasting our time on unproductive things, so try to occupy this time practicing your drawing skills.

2- Use a sketchbook

In this plan I recommend that you use a sketchbook so you can easily carry it in a bag or backpack. In this way you can enjoy drawing anywhere as in the interval of a college class, in your lunch time or in another free time that you have.

Remember that the important thing is not the quality of the drawing or the amount of time, but the frequency, so it is better to have 10 or 15 minutes per day than never practice.

3- Draw what you like

Another important point in this plan is that you draw what you like, this is your moment so it should be pleasant for you. So don’t be bound by rules or other people’s opinions and draw what you like the most.

Practice creating sketches with pencil or pen, do not worry about creating finished drawings and with the final art impeccable, doing this way you are less worried about finishing the drawing and focus more on practice.