September 7, 2020

Tips to be productive during quarantine

By Anthony

Being productive during quarantine is my biggest challenge today, although I’ve been working in home office for a while, there are some factors that have changed my routine during this period of social withdrawal. So I have been adopting some more rigid postures to be able to focus and make my work schedule more productive, so that I can pay attention to other demands that may exist at home or have more free time. Knowing that most of you may be going through the same situation I have decided to bring some points that I have been working on to get around this situation.

Follow the news (but not all the time)

It is extremely important that you stay informed about the current situation of covid-19 so that you can know how to act in the face of its evolution, but it is also not advantageous to stay totally immersed. This harms your performance during work and even your psychological. So, try to inform yourself only once or twice a day that will be enough

Plan your day

The big trigger for procrastination is disorganization. When you don’t know what task of your day to do first or much less an order of priorities it is very likely that you will not fulfill some of them or get distracted during the process.

Stay away from mobile and social networks

If you need to make an artwork, a video or a report, try to put all your focus on this task. It’s tempting to take one more look at the instagram or facebook feed but hardly anything relevant will have happened that needs your immediate attention. This feeling of being disconnected for a while can be very uncomfortable but it’s extremely important that you can separate your productive schedule from your leisure time.

Keep your desk organized

Our brain needs a stimulus that shows it that at that moment you need to work, so when you have a messy workplace full of visual distractions you will end up relaxing and deconcentering from your tasks. Now, when you keep your workspace organized, it becomes much easier to keep your concentration for longer and your brain will find it easier to connect your tasks during the day.

I hope these tips can help you to deal better with the home office, thank you very much for dedicating this little time of your day with us, we thank you for following our content and hope to see you soon, see you soon.